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Cortona3D develops technology exclusively in partnership with Siemens Industry Software. The partnership focuses on the seamless integration of NX™, Solid Edge® en Teamcenter® with Cortona3D software applications.
The Cortona3D product suite enables the production of technical documentation, (aftermarket) parts catalogs, e-learning training environments and production support documentation.
The cost and quality advantages delivered by this software are recognized and exploited in industries ranging from mechanical engineering and equipment construction to aviation, space travel and defense. The software is developed using open standards such as XML, SGML, S100D, DITA and ATA and can be integrated in any engineering workflow. 
Documentation and work instructions modeled using 3D CAD can be converted to Cortona3D in a third of the usual time for less than 12.5% of the costs. Cortona3D converts 3D CAD, PDM and ERP design data into compelling 3D manuals and parts catalogs. The user-friendly software enables users with no experience of 3D design software to simultaneously create simulations and accompanying text, thereby saving considerable time and effort. 
  • Produce maintenance and training manuals, work and assembly instructions and product catalogs up to 70% faster;
  • Increase the added value and quality of your product and associated customer service;
  • Reduce documentation and training development costs throughout the product lifecycle;
  • Reduce costs associated with inaccurate translations;
  • Save costs through reuse of knowledge assets across multiple departments.

More information about Cortona3D RapidAuthor on Cortona3D website.


NOTE: NX™, Solid Edge® en Teamcenter® are a trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.

Cortona3D: Rapid Products Introduction Presentation

This short video demonstrates the Cortona3D Technical Documentation Products and a brief summary of their funcionality. For live demonstrations of the tools, please watch the complimentary videos such as Rapid Tools Import Process, RapidLearning Demonstration Part I&II, RapidCatalog Demonstration Part I&II, RapidManual Demonstration Part I&II.

Cortona3D RapidAuthor

Short introduction: products, partners

Cortona3D on mobile devices

Cortona3D is shown on three devices with different operation systems - IOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

Cortona3D Overview

Cortona3D provides proven tools for transforming design data (CAD) into 'Visual Know-How' for product maintenance and training.