RapidLearning PC mask
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Research has shown that e-learning courses that use 3D animation and visualization are more economical and more effective than conventional training courses.
Cortona3D is a software toolkit that can be used to quickly and easily generate an interactive 3D training environment that employs simulation. RapidLearning combines existing 3D CAD data with training instructions to generate realistic visualizations. The application guides technicians through the maintenance procedures they are required to perform and assesses their proficiency at each step until they have completed the entire training process.
  • Increases ROI in training;
  • Reduces training costs;
  • Reduces the amount of training time required;
  • Improves the safety of your training programs;
  • Increases the effectiveness of a training program;
  • Adding S1000D compliant documents ensures automatic generation of animations;
  • 2D output can be generated from 3D images;
  • Application complies with LMS and SCORM principles;
  • Option of also incorporating photos and audio (voice) recordings.

More information about Cortona3D RapidLearning on Cortona3D website.