RapidManual PC mask
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Using standard word possessing software, such as Microsoft Word, combined with CAD snapshots to explain complex procedures is very labor intensive, involves high costs and increases the possibility of miscommunication.
RapidManual uses your existing 3D CAD data and text to formulate clear explanations of mechanical processes. 3D manuals expand knowledge, minimize inaccurate translations and increase knowledge transfer.
  • Simultaneous product- and documentation development reduces time to market;
  • Improved manuals increase the likelihood of revenue growth and customer loyalty;
  • Reuse of existing resources substantially reduces costs;
  • Existing S1000D, ATA and DITA compliant documentation can be linked to automatically generated animations;
  • 2D output can be generated from 3D images;
  • Results can be shared and content can be reused;
  • Intellectual property is retained while being shared with others;
  • Option of also incorporating photos and audio (voice) recordings.

More information about RapidManual on Cortona3D website.