RapidWorkInstruction PC mask
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  • Do your staff struggle to comprehend complex work instructions?
  • Do you want to be able to count on the fact that each step of the assembly process is performed correctly and on schedule?
  • Do you feel that conventional methods result in too many rejected products and unnecessarily high production costs?
Cortona3D RapidWorkInstruction is software toolkit that makes it possible to quickly and easily produce interactive 3D electronic and technical manuals, work instructions and assembly manuals. RapidWorkInstruction reuses existing data so production engineers can quickly create visual M-BOMs and Bills of Process. Various information sources, such as 3D CAD models, CAD drawings, E-BOMs, M-BOMs, data sheets, parts libraries, safety data sheets, photos and audio (voice) recordings can be combined to create effective work instructions for your production staff. Clear visual and interactive work instructions ensure that your staff make fewer production errors. The use of 3D animation as the primary instructional tool enables staff to quickly grasp the production procedure and increases your production efficiency.
  • The same tool can be used to compile all work instructions;
  • The possibility of reuse reduces the cost of generating work instructions;
  • Increase the quality of your work instructions;
  • Shorter induction period for new work instructions;
  • Easy and cost-effective distribution online or on handhelds.

More information about RapidWorkInstruction on Cortona3D website.

RapidAuthor Demo - Create Work Instructions integrated with Siemens Teamcenter PLM

In this demo video, we show how you can easily create and manage interactive 3D Manufacturing Work Instructions and Job Cards linked to your Engineering assemblies using RapidAuthor from Cortona3D.