Engineering Process Management PC mask
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Teamcenter® can manage data from all major CAD systems, so you don’t need to translate CAD data. Teamcenter® converts multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral JT format automatically, so it is transparent to users. You can bring parts from different CAD systems into a visual mockup, where you can visualize, probe, section, analyze and mark them up.
Teamcenter®' s digital validation capabilities allow you to aggregate design changes continuously. With digital mockup always on, you can see design changes in real-time. Your designers can validate their changes, not only in the current configuration, but against every configuration. Teamcenter®’s automated workflow capabilities allow you to execute change processes that provide all product development stakeholders with instant access to necessary data. You can communicate and evaluate the impact of proposed changes with Teamcenter®’s comprehensive configuration management capabilities. 
Engineering Process Management Solution Capabilities:
  • Product data management (PDM), including MCAD, CAE, CAM, ECAD, documents, drawings, and spreadsheets;
  • Pervasive 3D visualization of multi-CAD data to review, analyze, and collaborate on whole product assemblies;
  • Digital validation integrates digital mockup, product configuration and design aggregation. It aggregates designchanges continuously into “always-on” digital mockup;
  • Change management provides workflow orchestration for advanced engineering processes to view impact, initiate, administer, review/approve and execute product changes;
  • Part Classification;
  • Connectivity to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Engineering Process Management Solution Benefits

  • Tightly integrate globally-dispersed, multiple design teams, enabling you to synchronize design data frequently;
  • Improve engineering productivity by eliminating time-consuming searches for information;
  • Classify and quickly retrieve existing parts for re-use;
  • Enable innovation with the ability to evaluate more design ideas;
  • Reduce cycle time and cost through the ability to work in a multi-CAD environment and eliminate CAD translation cost;
  • Faster design reviews through the ability to see design changes continuously;
  • Shorten development time 30 to 70 percent;
  • Reduce engineering changes 65 to 90 percent;
  • Speed time-to-market 20 to 90 percent;
  • Increase quality 200 to 600 percent;
  • Increase engineering productivity 20 to 110 percent.
More information about  Engineering Process Management on Siemens PLM Software website.
NOTE: Teamcenter® is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.