Process Simulate PC mask
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Process Simulate can verify the feasibility of an assembly process by validating reachability and collision clearance. This is done by simulating the full assembly sequence of the product and the required tools. Tools such as sections, measurements and collision detection allow the detailed verification and optimization of assembly scenarios.
  • 3D kinematic simulation;
  • Static and dynamic collision detection;
  • 2D and 3D sections;
  • 3D measurements;
  • Sequencing of operations;
  • Automatic assembly path planning;
  • Resource modeling (3D geometry and kinematics);
  • Line and workstation design;
  • 3D interactive documentation, such as work instructions;
  • Advanced filtering and display of product and manufacturing information (PMI).
  • Reduce risk of production changes late in the implementation;
  • Reduce planning time by using automatic sequencing and validation tools;
  • Reduce cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues;
  • Ensure ergonomically safe processes;
  • Select the best production method by simulating several manufacturing alternatives.
More information about Process Simulate on Siemens PLM Software website.
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