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Solution Overview
The Rulestream solution provides a knowledge-capture environment into which companies gather, organize and store the numerous technical and business rules and standards for optimally quoting and designing their ETO product(s). From these rules, the Rulestream solution generates the applications used by sales and order engineers to capture customer requirements and generate ETO process deliverables, such as proposals, pricing, sales drawings, CAD models, Bills of Material, routings, etc. Finally, the solution provides knowledge management capabilities that allow organizations to easily keep captured rules and standards in lock step with the ever-changing business world.
A critical element to the Rulestream solution includes its ability to integrate to the various technologies resident within any ETO environment, including CAD, CAE, PLM, ERP, CRM, Microsoft Office, and customer home grown systems. Some of these integrations, such as CAD, are provided by commercially supported Rulestream modules. Other integrations, such as ERP, are implemented in the field using standard data connectors or APIs when necessary. With respect to CAD, Rulestream currently offers commercially supported integrations to SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD (DWG generation only), and Microsoft Visio. Note that Rulestream does not have a geometry engine of its own, but drives commercially supported CAD systems via tight integrations developed using CAD APIs. With respect to PLM, Rulestream offers a PLM integration API layer that has been used to produce field integrations to MatrixOne, SmarTeam, and PDMworks.

Rulestream Products
The Rulestream Engineer-to-order solution is comprised of seven primary modules.

Rulestream ETO Platform Server: is the repository of ETO knowledge. It is a database server that houses the rules, fact tables, and design instance WIP data. There is a provision for Rulestream ETO Satellite Platform Servers to support large enterprises with dispersed facilities that have modest data interconnectivity between them.
Rulestream ETO Architect: is the rule capture and maintenance client. It is used by standards engineers and domain experts to gather and organize the rules required to transform customer requirements into sales, engineering, and manufacturing deliverables. The design of this client is based on the desire to enable domain experts to capture and manage rules and subsequent ETO applications themselves.
Rulestream ETO Engineer: is the rule execution client that is used to take order-specific requirements and produce order engineering and manufacturing deliverables. Optional integrations allow real-time interaction with 3D CAD systems, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Excel. Other optional integrations allow generation of text-based reports, of DWG or DXF drawings, Word documents, and fully-automated generation of 2D drawings from 3D models. Client-side integrations to PLM systems can also be implemented using Rulestream's PLM Access API.
Rulestream ETO Unattended Engineer: is a special version of Rulestream ETO Engineer that provides batch processing capabilities for customers with complete and mature rule-sets that are capable of 100% hands-off generation of quotation or engineering deliverables.
Rulestream ETO Sales: is similar to Rulestream Engineer except that it is the client intended for use by Sales and/or Requisition Engineering to take customer requirements and produce quotations and proposals. Unlike Rulestream ETO Engineer, it may run disconnected from the Rulestream ETO Platform Server, enabling users to run Rulestream applications offline in the field.
Rulestream ETO Web-based Sales: allows deployment of sales applications over the web within a web browser. Its intended users are those of the traditional Rulestream ETO Sales client. It is also intended for deployment to our customers, sales and distribution channels, thus allowing our customers' partners and customers to service themselves and engineer their own order.
Rulestream ETO Enterprise Tools: is the reporting and analytics portal into the Rulestream ETO Platform. With this module, a user can navigate through the rule base via a design guide format, run adhoc reports on rules or design instances, and define/review "rule quality" metrics.

The figure below shows a high level deployment diagram of these modules.

Rulestream Case Study: Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

Kip Alexander, VP of Technology for Babcock & Wilcox, discusses the value that Rulestream brings to his business.