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Simulation and validation of new product line at Alro Group in Slovakia

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Industry sectors:
Automotive and transport
After implementing the first production lines and developing a high quality organisation, Alro introduced the final production lines - for the time being - in their Slovakian factory in 2012. These allow Alro to offer the full range of surface treatments. Alro’s latest introduction is an innovative automatic wet paint installation entirely developed in-house. This is a state-of-the-art machine in terms of flexibility, environmental friendliness and cost-efficient production in line with the applicable high quality standards.
Some of this production line’s defining characteristics:
  • 5-s chemical pre-treatment;
  • 10 robots: flaming and paint application;
  • Multilayer paint system (solvent-based and water-based paints);
  • Environmentally-friendly techniques (recapturing energy, paint and air);
  • Power&Free transport system;
  • Cleanroom concept.
Results/ Project:
When Alro decided to build a fully automatic paint line, it set up an in-house project team. This team was able to design a 3D model that met all the requirements.
The digital approach/virtual modelling of the line
In order to test this model and identify any bottlenecks at an early stage, they first modelled the line virtually in collaboration with the team from cards PLM Solutions. Cards constructed various models on the basis of the 3D model and data. Cards’ findings enabled Alro to optimise its line before commencing actual construction, which saved Alro a lot of time and money.
“With its characteristics (environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, etc.) this production line serves as a benchmark within our company. The digital construction and simulation of this line was also a first for us, and benefited us greatly. We therefore intend to optimise our other lines in this way in the future. Working from cards PLM Solutions’ model we have even developed a planning tool with which we can generate the best possible sequence for filling our line a day in advance.” Davy Roox, Automation engineer, Alro Group.
All this also offers enormous benefits for Alro’s customers. The technology used enables Alro to meet all its customers’ requirements. Alro offers them high quality products at competitive prices.
About the customer:
The Alro Group has been engaged in coating both plastic and metal components - used mainly in the truck and automobile sector - for many years. Various treatment processes are applied to these, depending on the customer requirements and type of material. These processes are very varied, including degreasing, activation, phosphating, electro-coating, wet coating, powder coating (matt + high gloss). As well as coating, we also manage the entire quality and logistical chain, from collecting the untreated part through to delivering a finished, assembled product. Just-In-Sequence delivery is also one of the specialisms that we can offer our customers. Our current customer portfolio includes VOLVO, DAF and SCANIA, VW, AUDI, SKODA, BMW, OPEL and Porsche. Holding the necessary quality and environmental certificates (ISO) is thereby one of the absolute prerequisites.
The industry’s shift to the east has been taking place for years. We responded to this in 2006 by founding our Slovakian sister company.  Although our main base in Belgium remains the driving force for the entire group, a new factory in Central Europe was vital, since increasing numbers of customers have set up in that region.
Customer locations:
  • Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium –head office
  • Trnava, Slovakia