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Aerofilm Systems

Aerofilm Systems

 With over 30 years of experience, Aerofilm Systems designs, develops and manufactures air casters and air caster transport systems. 
This method of transportation is the ideal solution for moving heavy objects and fragile high-tech equipment in a safe, ergonomic and cost effective way. 
It's the floating movement by means of air casters and can be compared to hovercraft transportation. 
Air casters are being used in all kinds of industries and applications worldwide. 
Systems are typically used for internal movement of objects ranging from 100 kg’s to over 2.500 metric tons.
  • No floor damage 
  • Very low maintenance 
  • Fast and accurate positioning 
  • Objects are picked up from underneath 
  • Virtually friction free and omnidirectional movement 
  • Loads are transported from underneath with very low building height (30 mm)
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Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment
  • Visualize concept idea to customer
  • Improve product development
  • Design customer specific solutions
Keys to success
  • In-house engineering
  • Easy to use interface
  • Modular design of transport systems
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Focus on innovation and outsource manufacturing
  • Increase product knowledge
  • Product visualization leads to a higher success rate for orders
“The possibilities of the NX platform combined with the support of cards improved our effectiveness in both our engineering and sales processes” – Aerofilm Systems