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Digital manufacturing tools support a world leader in a growing market

  • Semiconductor equipment;
  • Industrial machinery.
Business challenges:
  • Deliver new and innovative machines;
  • Shorten machine delivery cycle;
  • Adjust production capacity to market conditions, while maintaining cost control.
Keys to success:
  • Simulate new production lines before they are commissioned;
  • Analyze production scenarios and recommend best alternatives;
  • Optimize the sequencing of production processes.
  • Created a pilot in which realworld results were compared against simulation models created using Tecnomatix, proving that actual production performance/metrics can be accurately imitated;
  • Optimized a production line configuration that supports the needed throughput and reduces the investment in production resources for a new EUV machine;
  • Boosted production capacity for a new design by using two positioning module qualification tools;
  • Created library of simulation objects, e.g. an optimization algorithm object that identifies the most efficient sequencing of manufacturing steps;
  • Implemented Plant Simulation as part of the company’s production process approach that enables continuous delivery of the most innovative and cost-effective solution to customers;
  • Production of the new EUV machine in a clean room.
“Maintaining world leadership is a tough task. You must be innovative and cost-effective. Plant Simulation will be part of our engineering decision-making process. A lot of production scenarios will be simulated virtually using Plant Simulation, before we will actually commission the production line.”
Andreas SchoenwaldtIndustrial Specification Management Team Manager ASML
“We were impressed when we realized that with Plant Simulation, we can build a model that will accurately imitate the performance of a physical production line.”
Joris Bonsel, Industrial Engineer Industrial Specification Management ASML
“The Plant Simulation result is an optimized production line configuration that supports the needed throughput and reduces the investment in production resources.”
Maurice Schrooten, Industrial Engineer Industrial Specification Management ASML
Customer’s primary business
ASML, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chipmaking equipment and a key supplier to the chip industry, designs, develops, integrates and services advanced systems to produce semiconductors. The company has manufacturing, customer support centers and training facilities in more than 15 countries.
Customer location: Veldhoven, Netherlands
Partner: cards PLM Solutions B.V.