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AWL – The power of robotic system simulation

Automated welding specialist AWL uses Tecnomatix Robcad software supplied by cards PLM Solutions not only to perform reach studies and offline programming during the virtual design phase but also to prevent design errors and reduce lead times.
AWL is an experienced automated welding technology and system integrator that develops and produces industrial production systems for companies in many markets. The Harderwijk-based company specializes in developing production machines specially designed to perform sophisticated jointing techniques, which include not only all forms of resistance and arc welding, but also laser welding, clinching, gluing and other cold joints and combinations of these techniques.
Robotics plays an important role in the high-quality systems produced by AWL. This is partly due to the company’s decision back in 1999 to focus primarily on the rapidly growing automotive market. Designing systems with integrated robots quickly raised complex issues. The fact that robotics simulation software makes it possible to perform reach studies and offline programming during the virtual design phase, and also to prevent design errors and reduce lead times, were the main reasons that led the company to examine robotics simulation packages.
During a comprehensive selection phase in 2001 AWL examined three packages: IGRIP (Delmia/Dassault Systems), ABB Robotstudio and Tecnomatix Robcad. As G. Bikker, Engineering Manager at AWL, explains, the company ultimately opted for the Robcad software developed by Tecnomatix because of its robot independence and the strong position of the application within the market. 
The company is currently using three Robcad licenses that support various robot brands. G. Bikker explains that AWL once accidentally ordered the wrong type of robot for a project. However, because Robcad supports every type of robot, the company was still able to promptly deliver a working system that met all of the client’s requirements.
Partly thanks to the advantages of Robcad AWL is now a respected and growing name in the European market.
The advantages of using Robcad:
  • Reduction of engineering costs and lead times; AWL is able to operate faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Optimization of the quality of engineering. Design errors can be avoided early on. AWL can very quickly present the project to the client so more detailed agreements can be made.
  • A robot program can be created during a virtual (offline programming) phase and immediately simulated to see if it meets the client’s requirements.
  • System modifications can be evaluated and implemented faster.
cards PLM Solutions is the preferred Siemens PLM Software business partner for Tecnomatix applications in the Benelux and supports AWL with an expert helpdesk.