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C1000 (Jumbo)

C1000 (Jumbo)

Simulation and analysis of discrete processes: the C1000 return stream mapped
Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation
Industry sectors:
Consumer products and retail
Jaap De Hoop, Manager Supply Chain Development at C1000 says: "The biggest problem with a supermarket chain’s packaging stream is that it is characterised by peaks and troughs. There are times when it’s quiet, and there are times when a distribution centre is almost bursting with returned products. The latter often happens just after Christmas, when it’s been good weather or if our stores have had beer or soft drinks on special offer during the sale weeks. The volume of the packaging stream can thereby sometimes be thirty percent greater than average, and obviously we need to have capacity available for that. And that doesn’t just mean that there need to be enough square metres available to store the products, but it must also be possible to unload the collected items fast enough otherwise there will be a queue of trucks at the distribution centre."
Results / Project:
Auke Nieuwenhuis, Industrial Engineer at cards PLM Solutions, explains why it was an interesting case for his company: "C1000 asked for a solution for mapping the processing stream for all distribution centres. It had to be possible to carry out simulations independent of location, because the centres are all different. And because there is a big inflow and outflow of materials, those processes are very dependent on what the building looks like. It was an unusual case for us because it’s a new market, since we used Tecnomatix for the simulation. That is a Plant Simulation package for analysing discrete events which is usually used in very different sectors."
About the customer:
C1000 is a Dutch supermarket organisation positioned in the midmarket segment of the supermarket sector. The chain was owned by Schuitema, which changed its name to C1000 BV in 2010. The company was bought in 2012 by Jumbo Supermarkets, which will be converting a large portion of the stores to its own brand. Another part was sold to Ahold and Coop.
Customer location:
Amersfoort, the Netherlands - head office
Four distribution centres for over 300 stores