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ManuVAR: Virtual and Augmented Reality support for high-quality handicrafts in the life cycle of a product
Products / services:
  • Teamcenter (product data management)
  • Jack (ergonomics)
Industry Sectors:
Industrial machinery and equipment
With an existing technology platform developed to support high manual work throughout the product lifecycle, the ManuVAR platform is focused on ergonomics, safety, work instructions and training. The intended result is an improved information exchange between developers, plant operators, maintenance personnel and end users. The concrete goals are to reduce costs and increase productivity and quality, capturing and sharing knowledge and streamline product changes.
Results / Project:
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality play a central role in achieving these goals. The specific contribution of cards PLM Solutions consisted of providing software knowledge for both Siemens Teamcenter (product data management) and Jack (ergonomics) aplications. Using Jack software, digital human figures are placed in a virtual environment and human performance is reviewed. This includes scope, vision, risk of injury, fatigue, ergonomic comfort and other important parameters. There is a special module developed for Jack that makes automatic registrations of static and dynamic body loads. On the basis of a measured or simulated job, a load risk is automatically determined.
About the client:
ManuVAR consortium comprises 18 partner organisations (across 8 countries) representing industry, research and academia. In ManuVAR, there are five synergistic application clusters in different industrial areas: terrestrial satellite assembly, assembly line design, remote maintenance of trains, maintenance of nuclear reactors, large machine assembly process design.
Client Location:
Tampere, Finland