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Pilipili designed a user friendly bicycle carrier for Cykell in a fast time-to-market

Creating added value with innovative design in NX

Industry sector: Design

Business challenges:
  • Complex designs with many parts;
  • Differentiation through innovation;
  • Cost and time saved in prototyping.

Keys to success:
  • Thinking from target audience perspective;
  • Analysis of bottlenecks;
  • Cooperation with external partners;
  • Ongoing monitoring of quality.

  • Shorter time-to-market by using simulations;
  • Changes are easy to implement at later stages of the design process;
  • More efficient product communications thanks to visualizations at early stages of the design process.

Solutions/ services: NX CAD

Primary business: industrial design agency

Pilipili is an industrial design agency based in Kortrijk, Belgium, founded in 1996. Its multidisciplinary team consists of 13 staff members who are fully committed to innovation. The company tagline ‘Differentiation through innovation and design’ is more than just a phrase - it implies a result-oriented approach to the development of every kind of product, regardless of the sector.

Customer location: Kortrijk, Belgium