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Segula Technologies Nederland

Segula Technologies Nederland

SEGULA Technologies Nederland - Let’s shape the future together 
SEGULA Technologies Nederland was launched as a startup company in the spring of 2010 on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The engineers who work for the company have a background in mechanical engineering or physics. As a project organization SEGULA provides services for OEMs in industries such as the automotive, healthcare and high-tech industries. The company is part of Segula Technologies International (more than 7000 employees worldwide), which makes SEGULA a very attractive business partner for its clients. SEGULA is always looking for ambitious qualified engineers with excellent communication skills.
Two of Segula’s large automotive and high-tech clients in the Brain Port Region in Eindhoven work with Teamcenter. So development work for these clients is done in the Teamcenter environment. Segula engineers develop designs using a client version of Teamcenter on the client’s servers and access, work on and save the designs in the client’s database. The engineers are now very familiar with this environment and think Teamcenter is a fantastic solution. Segula Technologies Nederland expects to work more extensively with Teamcenter in due course. 
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