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cards PLM Solutions possesses the knowledge and experience required to ensure that training is optimally designed to meet the needs and requirements of the client. We offer flexibility and always deliver practice-based and results-oriented training.
Our high quality intensive training forms the basis for optimal use of your system. 
Open training courses
These are conventional standard training courses that are open to the public and delivered on pre-scheduled dates. The trainer covers the modules that make up the course in a logical set order. The course participants get to know employees from other organizations with different problems. They learn from each other by discussing the respective solutions in a conventional way and gain broader training in the process.
Group training
A conventional group training course for the employees of a particular organization is an alternative to an open training course. This also allows you to determine the dates and whether the training is to be provided on-site or in-house. Group training is based on a standard course, with existing course materials and a predetermined structure. The training can also be tailored to the specific work situation if required. Using examples encountered in practice makes the material more relevant to the course participants. They then find it easier to understand and retain the information covered during the training.
On-the-job training
In this individual training the recipient of the training attends an intake interview and then works through the course material independently in the workplace under the supervision of a trainer. In other words, the trainer acts as a coach and. Rather than working with a standard lesson plan, the trainer coaches the recipient of the training as required. The person receiving the training works independently and at their own pace and concentrates on acquiring and developing the skills they need.